7 Mom Influencers to Follow If You’re in the Thick of Postpartum

In a sea of social media influencers pretending their life is all sunshine and rainbows, the realness these moms bring to the table is so refreshing, especially for those in the throes of postpartum.

Most of us go into pregnancy acknowledging that our entire life is about to change—especially physically, mentally and emotionally—over the next 9+ months. We expect our bodies to grow and change, our emotions to shift as we prepare for a new addition to the family and for mind to focus on the expanding to-do list we need to cross off ahead of baby’s arrival. 

What many of us are not aware of is the continuum of changes that follow after baby’s birthday. Many women find postpartum to be the single-most difficult phase of life—and for good reason. What’s known as “the postpartum hormone drop” is considered to be the single largest sudden hormone shift in the shortest amount of time for any human being at any point of their life cycle.

If this drastic change is what all moms experience postpartum, we should be talking about it—especially those moms who’ve dedicated their social media platforms to sharing the ins and outs of their lives. 

In a sea of influencers, it’s refreshing to see that some are actually honest—especially those influencers that are moms. The last thing a new mom needs as she is going through the highs and lows of postpartum is a mom influencer who isn’t truthful about their own journey in motherhood. After filtering through those covers, here are seven mom influencers who you can go through postpartum with. 

#1 “Keeping it real and raw” | Brie Matthews | @brie_matthews

If you are looking for an influencer directly spotlighting almost every experience of postpartum, Brie Matthews is the one. From everyday thoughts and accomplishments to anxiety and struggles with working out after giving birth, she has spent the past five months creating postpartum content on four platforms and up to 227,100 followers. 

Brie had her baby in September 2023, beginning her postpartum recovery and postpartum content about a month later. She has intentionally created content to show the nitty gritty of postpartum and her own body, adding in her TikTok bio that she is “keeping it real and raw.”

On social media, it’s more typical for mom influencers to post the pretty parts of their lives on Instagram and, if they expose it, the more difficult parts of being a mom on platforms more casual, such as TikTok. In Brie’s case, videos containing her pumping and postpartum emotions are translated through her Instagram and Facebook as well. 

Since her journey began, she has focused on the struggles of working out postpartum and her regular postpartum appointments, to most recently, postpartum hair loss and products to help with it. 

#2 “Liquid Gold” | Alexis Kristiana | @alexiskristiana

As a big promoter for postpartum discussion, Alexis Kristiana gives a lot of her content to breastfeeding not just for the baby, but for the comfortability and convenience for the mother. 

Alexis has been featured in Vogue and Parents magazine for her company, Liquid Gold Vintage, she built around her passion for breastfeeding. Alexis credits her company as “curated vintage for the nursing mama,” highlighting the importance of breastfeeding for the mom and baby but also the ways to make it easier and more comfortable for the moms who may struggle. 

In addition to the breastfeeding focus, Alexis uses her main Instagram and TikTok to address her personal journey with her pregnancies, her youngest child being born in April 2023. Between the changes of her body the week after birth, baths to help balance postpartum hormones and irregular periods during postpartum, Alexis does not hold back on sharing her experiences. 


#3 “C-Section Realness” | Brittany Noonan | @bybrittanynoonan

By the fourth pregnancy it is easy to say Brittany Noonan knows what to expect when expecting, but even more so after the arrival. After welcoming her fourth child in December 2023, Brittany has kept the content real and honest about what happens after bringing the baby home. 

In contrast to many mom influencers of today, Brittany produces content almost entirely through her Instagram as well as her blog

“I believe every woman is deserving of loving who they are,” Brittany wrote on her website. “It’s why I’m passionate about helping you be the best version of yourself, through better education and encouragement of self care, love and acceptance.”

One of her most recent posts outlines not only the struggles with postpartum but also with postpartum from a cesarean section. She adds the truth that “it will hurt but it will help your recovery” and emphasizes the use of pain medication as needed because there is “no reason to push through the pain.”

As she goes along on her journey with postpartum after a C-section, she is raw and honest with her difficulties along with her joys. In one post she says her first week was tough and by week four there was still pain but not as she expected it to be. 

“If you have questions about C-sections, recovery or postpartum feel free to ask below,” Brittany wrote below the post.

Instagram offers a more short-winded approach to advice and telling her story so she took her reality and created a blog for the more educational advice from her experience. One of her most recent articles answers a new mom’s questions from “pelvic floor, abdominal separation, prolapse and more…” to “finding yourself in motherhood.”

Though the blog is not as up-to-date as her social media content, it revolves around her life and knowledge after having two children. 

#4 “Second time around” | Somer Agnor | @studiosomer

Beginning in July 2023, Somer Agnor began producing postpartum content for her new baby, standing out for her tandem breastfeeding of both her 3-year-old daughter and newborn. 

In the first few days and weeks of Somer’s postpartum experience, she created a vlog format for the morning with her newborn and toddler. She did not gloss over the truth of her experience, showing her treatment and clothes along with her persistence to “relax and heal her body” during this postpartum journey. 

Following her beginning posts about her journey, she started posting her thoughts and realities she was dealing with as a new mom, addressing the realization that her baby is now outside in her arms when he used to live inside her body. 

As Somer continued producing content, her views grew and though much of her content was based on her two boys, she is also creating around her skincare or little treats such as Starbucks during postpartum. 

Somer is no longer producing content that directly credits postpartum as her journey but with a new baby, most of her content revolves around the care for herself along the way. In addition, Somer’s birthing vlog is continuously used and she repeatedly brings up the struggles of postpartum with a newborn baby, saying in her bio that she is “romanticizing life as a newborn and toddler” stay-at-home mom. 


#5 “Nurse to Nurturer” | Lo Mansfield | @thelabormama

Beginning as a registered nurse and then branding herself as The Labor Mama, Lo Mansfield has produced content across the board for moms as they go through birth and postpartum. 

Lo is a mom of three. As The Labor Mama, her mission revolves around “getting you ready for birth and life with baby” as she wrote in her Instagram bio. 

“I live for the spark in your eyes when you realize that you actually can do the things everyone told you that you could,” Lo wrote on her website. 

As Lo went through her most recent pregnancy, she produced content ranging from postpartum hair loss and “padsicles,” to postpartum struggles that shocked her and aren’t regularly taught. 

A good bit of Lo’s content revolves around birthing struggles and realities in addition to postpartum for moms who need all the information in one place, especially from a registered professional

Lo has been featured in many news sources such as a local Colorado media outlet, Shoutout Colorado, which highlights a Q&A with her, as well as Motherly where she has published content of her writing. 

As helpful and insightful as mom influencers can be when going through postpartum, don’t forget The Mother Chapter is written for the moms, not the babies, and is a hub for all elements postpartum. 


#6 “Fashionista Focus” | Lauren Louise | @laurelou_____

A typical postpartum struggle for mothers, especially first-time moms, revolves around the change in your body from the beginning of the pregnancy journey to the end of the postpartum journey. Lauren Louise, a recent mom of her third child, found that fashion in her postpartum body was the content other moms deserved to see. 

Since March 2023, Lauren has been going through postpartum depression for the third time. Having carried three children, she said “for a mum like me it’s not easy to feel good in an outfit for the evening as it’s normally pjs on and slick back hair by 6 p.m.” 

She dedicates a great portion of her content as a mom influencer to adjusting to her new body and accepting clothes aren’t going to fit the same as they may have before but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you.

“If I hate my body, I am hating a thing that my children created,” Lauren said in a post. “The things my children create are beautiful so must be my body.”

Lauren covers postpartum-approved attire from fancy nights out and jeans to comfortable fall casual outfits and even swimsuits, branding most of her successful outfits as good for “tummy tuck.”


#7 “It’s an Emotional Rollercoaster” | Tushita Hariharan | @tushita.h

Tushita Hariharan had an experience familiar to a lot of moms with postpartum; emotional turmoil. After having her youngest baby in October 2023, much of Tushita’s content revolves around emotional weight and feeling sad or distressed one moment, but happy the next.

In a TikTok video Tushita posted, the body language alone tells her general emotional strain with postpartum. Though sitting with her two children and dog, seemingly at peace, her movements show her discomfort. 

“One moment I’m on the floor crying, wondering if I’ll ever be myself again, whatever that even means now,” Tushita said in an Instagram post, “and the next I am happy, I feel like I’m enjoying life.”

A big element of Tushita’s postpartum journey that she expresses is specific to her journey is the challenge of enduring postpartum while having a toddler to care for at the same time. Not discrediting the struggles of the postpartum with only one child, she describes the journey as “a different kind of challenging.”

In addition to having a toddler, she also depicts the experiences she has raising two children as a biracial couple. While Tashita is teaching Indian traditions to her children, she is also teaching them to her husband.

While being a mother, Tashita also implements a lot of holistic health into her postpartum journey through another Instagram; @moon.spice. Her content revolves around her postpartum mindset such as increasing breastmilk supply with garlic or helping emotions in your body move more freely. All of the information grew from Ayurvedic rituals both from how she was raised and a doctor who helped her understand how it works. 


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