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A website & community dedicated to helping moms navigate, cope, connect, share and thrive in their postpartum identity.

Historically, the postpartum period is considered six weeks, when in reality... it is forever.

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Becoming a mother is a significant identity shift and lifestyle transformation, touching every aspect of her routine, body, career, self-image, relationships, and priorities.

Historically, the postpartum period is considered six weeks, when in reality… it is forever.

The Mother Chapter is breaking open the evolving motherhood conversation—giving mom a safe place to explore and express her complicated feelings, thoughts and worries.

The Mother Chapter seeks to bring light, discussion and support to women as they navigate new normals, belief system shifts, and exploring and celebrating lifestyle and priority changes. 

Unlike other online parenting destinations, The Mother Chapter only discusses mom’s milestonesnot the baby’s—and helps mothers identify, cope, connect, share and thrive in this new identity. 

Through raw, thought-provoking essays, expert-backed guides, and curated individual and group coaching services, The Mother Chapter is here through all stages of your postpartum and motherhood journey Welcome, mama. You’re safe here.
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We aren’t meant to mother alone—and yet, there are so few resources available to women as they try to find their footing and new routines. Whether you need guidance as you return to work post-birth, help locating a specialized provider to support your needs, or a group of mom friends, we are here. 

We offer a variety of group and individual coaching options for new parents, brands and companies


"Oh mamas, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I couldn’t have known. I didn’t understand how motherhood quite literally rips you apart, body, heart, soul and mind, and then gradually, puts you back together. The pieces don’t fit the same since new ones grow in the process. Your old pieces feel odd and uneasy, yet familiar at the edges. You are still you but a different you. Your identity forever changed by bringing this tiny person into the world."

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