We aren't meant to navigate the identity changes of motherhood alone.

We’re here to help.

We offer individual & group coaching for new mothers, brands & companies.

The Mother Chapter is dedicated to helping new mothers navigate the tough realities of postpartum—from returning to work and building a mom community to finding a postpartum therapist in their zip code. We are also dedicated to helping brands and companies better support this pivotal, life-altering transition period for customers and employees. 

Our curated coaching services are meant to meet mothers right where they’re at—and be the answer they couldn’t find anywhere else.

"In our society, women have to be the flexible ones. We have to rearrange our lives, our identities to help the rest of it all work: happy kids, successful partners, a clean house, a well-rounded social calendar, a full fridge. But what about what we need?

Questions about our coaching services?

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Co-founder & chief of business development and communications