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The Mother Chapter was created because our co-founders couldn’t find the resources, support and connection they desperately needed as new mothers. 

We have carefully and thoughtfully curated our services to provide specific support for moms navigating new motherhood, for companies hoping to retain new parents for inclusive benefits, and for brands hoping to reach the niche motherhood market. 

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Executive Coaching For the New Working Mom

Embarking on the journey back to work after becoming a mom can be a transformative and challenging experience. Lindsay Tigar, the co-founder of Mila & Jo Media and an executive coach, offers a specialized postpartum career coaching package designed to support professionals in navigating this intricate transition.

This coaching service is tailored to empower individuals in adapting to their roles as working moms, fostering self-advocacy, and effectively navigating hurdles, like pumping at the office, developing new routines, and negotiating flexible working arrangements.

The three-session postpartum career coaching package is strategically structured to address key milestones in the return-to-work journey.

  • Session 1: Strategic Return Gameplan
  • Session 2: Feedback and Adjustment
  • Session 3: Mapping a Personalized Long-Term Strategy

RTW Mom Collective: Group Coaching for New Moms Returning to Work

This transformative six-week online support group is curated for moms preparing to navigate the complexities of returning to work after welcoming their first baby. 

Led by Lindsay Tigar, co-founder of Mila & Jo Media, executive career coach and mom of one, this program goes beyond traditional coaching by creating a vibrant community of like-minded mothers.

 Purposefully intimate, sessions are limited to eight participants over the course of two months. Babies are always welcome to join mom. 

With a focus on fostering connections, the group provides a safe, confidential, and open space for discussions on the challenges of being a working mother. Through shared experiences, powerful storytelling, personalized guidance, and Lindsay’s expertise, RTW Mom Collective aims to empower new moms. 

During this time together, moms will feel ready to embark on this professional and personal journey with confidence, camaraderie, and a network of newfound allies who understand the unique intricacies of the working motherhood transition.

Postpartum Care Concierge

Being a new mom is stressful and sometimes, finding the help you need can feel impossible. Our Postpartum Care Concierge service is designed to ease the challenges faced by new moms during the postpartum period by doing the research, vetting and connecting for you. 

We begin by engaging in a heartfelt conversation to understand your current struggles and challenges. This dialogue serves as the foundation for crafting a tailored support plan that aligns with your specific requirements. 

By leveraging a network of highly-rated and recommended therapists specializing in perinatal mental health, postpartum doulas, pelvic floor therapists, fitness coaches, lactation consultants, sleep experts, marriage counselors, and more, we ensure you receive the precise support she needs. 

When applicable, we also consider location and insurance, making the entire process seamless and accessible. Consider this your lifeline for new moms, simplifying their search for the right resources and fostering a community that supports their well-being during the transformative postpartum period.


HR Consulting

This unique consulting service is tailored for HR professionals, aiming to equip companies with the knowledge and tools needed to better support their employees during the transformative journey of becoming parents. 

Led by co-founders Lindsay Tigar and Jenn Sinrich, who bring a unique blend of journalistic expertise and specialized qualifications to the table, this service goes beyond traditional HR offerings. 

Lindsay’s certification as a parental leave coach and Jenn’s role as a postpartum and bereavement doula provide a distinctive advantage, ensuring that HR professionals receive insights from individuals deeply attuned to the nuanced challenges and joys associated with the parenthood experience.

This consulting service is designed to empower HR professionals to build supportive environments that extend beyond policies, creating parent communities within companies and fostering a workplace culture that truly values the diverse journeys of parenthood.

Based on company goals, we can cover a comprehensive range of topics including:

Mom Focus Groups

This is a strategic solution for clients looking to gain invaluable insights into the minds and preferences of mothers, offering a targeted approach to market research. This highly specialized service caters to clients seeking to break into a new market within the vast landscape of motherhood or those struggling to effectively reach their desired demographic. 

Ideal for those uncertain about the resonance of their product with mothers, we curate a select group of mothers tailored to the client’s needs. By putting the client’s service, brand or goal directly in front of potential customers, this service offers a unique opportunity for direct interaction and feedback.

Following the focused engagement, clients receive a comprehensive feedback report that serves as a roadmap for enhancement and growth. The report outlines not only the positives but also identifies areas for improvement and growth, offering actionable insights derived directly from the targeted focus group. This provides clients with a nuanced understanding of their target audience’s preferences, allowing for strategic adjustments to marketing strategies, product development, or brand positioning. 

In a market where reaching and understanding the diverse demographic of mothers is crucial, this service stands as a key tool for clients aiming to make informed decisions and establish meaningful connections with their audience.


Reach out to Lindsay Tigar, our co-founder and the chief of business development & communications.