Rosewood Mayakoba: Luxury Meets Kid-Friendly Fun

Forget Cancun—travel just 45 minutes to a hidden oasis where comfort and family fun await.

Before we became parents, traveling was always a significant part of our lives. As seasoned adventurers, my husband and I cherished the freedom and excitement of exploring new places. In fact, luxury travel was one of the first things we connected on when we started dating. As a travel journalist, I’ve had the privilege of reviewing more than 130+ properties on 6 continents, and my husband’s job kept him jet-setting for almost ten years, staying at some of the finest five-star hotels around the country and world. The first few years of our relationship were spent embracing spontaneous wanderlust, connecting over good food and better wine. 

However, after our daughter Josefine was born, we found ourselves tethered to her strict schedule. And scared to make any sudden movements or changes, in case our great sleeper would start waking all hours of the night. As she grew older, we grew braver—and started to book short trips and getaways. 

Despite our apprehensions, we decided to be brave and deviate from the routine to dip our toes back into the world of travel. When I was invited as a journalist to review Rosewood Mayakoba, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to rekindle our wanderlust and introduce Josefine to the joys of traveling.

About the Resort

Mayakoba is not just a resort; it’s a world of its own. Nestled in the heart of the Riviera Maya, this luxurious enclave is a masterpiece of natural beauty and modern design. Spread over 620 acres of lush landscapes, mangroves, and lagoons, Mayakoba is a stunning example of sustainable tourism. 

Its history is rooted in a commitment to preserving the natural environment while offering unparalleled luxury. What makes Mayakoba truly special is its seamless integration with nature, featuring an ecosystem that includes pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse wildlife. This is not just another hot spot in Mexico; it’s a destination where luxury and nature coexist harmoniously.

Mayakoba is made up of four properties, Rosewood Mayakoba, Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Fairmont Mayakoba and Andaz Maykoba. 

Our First Impression

We prepared our toddler for the trek by hyping her up about a trip to Mexico. She knew we would get in the car, drive to the airport, fly in an airplane and land in Mexico. After a surprisingly short and easy non-stop flight from Charlotte, we made our way through the chaotic Cancun airport. 

Though we were sweaty and stressed leaving the airport, as soon as we saw the sign with my name on it, we felt at ease. As we stepped into the resort’s plush vehicle, we were greeted with refreshing cool washcloths, bottles of Corona and bottles of water, plus snacks for all three of us to enjoy.

Parents will appreciate the option to request a car seat or booster seat, and the thoughtful touch of a juice box nestled in the ice bucket next to our beers. This really set the tone for the pampering to come. The drive to the resort was smooth and scenic—complete with a playlist curated by Rosewood!—and by the time we arrived, we already felt a world away from our daily routines.

We were greeted with a welcome drink—alcoholic for the adults, virgin for the toddler—and a smooth check-in process, overlooking the resort. We were then brought to our room via boat! This was the first time in my journalism career I arrived via boat to my suite, and it was magical to experience with my daughter. Onboard the boat were ice cold waters and a skewered appetizer to tide us over.

Our Accommodations

We stayed in a Deluxe Lagoon Suite that was nothing short of spectacular. The suite featured a private plunge pool and separate living and sleeping areas, offering ample space for our family to spread out. The resort had gone the extra mile to make us feel welcome: a crib was waiting for our 2-year-old daughter Josefine, along with a tiny robe and slippers. Her pillow was even monogrammed with her name! 

The welcome amenities were thoughtful and tailored to our tastes. While my husband and I indulged in chips and guacamole, Josefine was thrilled with her assortment of candies. The room also had all the ingredients needed to make margaritas, which we eagerly put to good use. The oversized bathtub—large enough to fit all three of us—and the indoor and outdoor showers added to the suite’s luxurious appeal.

The separate living spaces—with a door!—is so essential for traveling families. My husband and I don’t go to bed at 7 p.m. when our toddler does, so having the option to have her sleep in the living room, while we hang out in the bedroom or the outdoor patio area is a game-changer. It makes the trip feel a little less like parenting from a different country—and more like a vacation.

A memory I’ll never forget is waking up each morning to have coffee (and some milk for Josefine) on the tiny dock attached to our suite. On the first morning, we noticed little heads popping out of the water and were surprised to discover they were turtles! After double-checking it was okay, we fed them berries and it was a magical experience watching my toddler light up with delight as they happily nibbled on the treats. 

Our Dining Experience

Dining at Rosewood Mayakoba was a culinary adventure. We had the pleasure of experiencing a special dinner at La Ceiba, featuring guest chef Ricardo Arellano from Crudo Oaxaca. The flavors were exquisite, and the ambiance—dining under a canopy of trees with twinkling lights—was magical. If we could plan our wedding all over, we’d want it to be exactly like that—complete with dynamic flavors and impressive wine pairings. I have an unfortunate garlic allergy (which is really tough to navigate in Mexican food), and they went above and beyond to ensure my meal was up to par with everyone else’s. 

Daily breakfast was included and became a highlight of our mornings. Our toddler loved picking out a plethora of fruit and devouring pancakes, while my husband and I tried something new off of the menu each A.M. They also have highchairs and outdoor seating options, which makes dining with a rowdy kiddo much easier. It’s also worth noting kids under 5 eat for free—a big win when you have a picky toddler that says she wants one thing, then demands another. 

We grabbed a late afternoon snack at Zapote Bar, where they treated Josefine to a ‘birthday’ ice cream treat and sang to her, which of course, she loved. My husband and I split a few appetizers—a perfect wind-down after a day in the sunshine. Later, when Josefine was sleeping in the room with a babysitter, we had a nightcap here and understand why this bar has won so many awards: the cocktails were creative, dynamic, surprising, and a standout experience from the trip. 

The Spa & Other Amenities

One of the most memorable experiences for me was the spa journey. Though it is a family trip, we always try to give each other some alone time to feel relaxed, since hey, vacation does mean at least some R&R! I made good use of the gym, which was well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. I managed to squeeze in two workout sessions, combining running and weightlifting, and left feeling both relaxed and energized. Cold towels and infused water were nice touches. 

I indulged in the Kuxtal & Apothecary Massage, a 90-minute treatment that took me through the tropical forest to a secluded treatment room. The massage, which draws on ancient Mayan healing practices and uses locally sourced ingredients, was incredibly rejuvenating. 

We were assigned a butler for our stay—a service I wish all hotels offered to families. Whatever we needed, whenever we needed it, from extra towels to room service, we could easily message our butler via the Rosewood Mayakoba app and, boom, it would appear. It was incredibly helpful and made our trip feel extremely luxurious. 


Another bonus amenities that offer a unique way of getting around are bicycles! Each room includes one bicycle per guest, and we requested a bike cart to attach to one of them. Josefine loved being pulled around in it, giggling with joy as we explored the resort and the Mayakoba area.

Standout Features For Parents

Traveling with kids often requires a bit of extra planning, but Rosewood Mayakoba made it a breeze with their thoughtful amenities and services:

Babysitting in Room:

We took advantage of the in-room babysitting service for two of our three nights, allowing us to enjoy some adult time knowing Josefine was in good hands. Rosewood Mayakoba hires highly-skilled, well-reviewed sitters that are attentive, thoughtful and helpful.  The sitter arrived at our suite, asked us questions, met Josefine, and then we did her bedtime routine. Before we headed to dinner, Josefine was already asleep—so the sitter sat in the room for peace of mind. 

Kids Club

The resort’s Kids Club was a hit with Josefine. The club offers a variety of activities ranging from arts and crafts to treasure hunts. The staff were incredibly engaging and made her feel right at home. Though she was too young to join the daytime babysitting at the kid’s club, we anticipate coming back and booking the service.

Beach Toys:

The abundance of beach toys meant that Josefine was never bored. We spent hours building sandcastles and playing by the shore.

Kid-Friendly Menus and In-Room Touches:

The kid-friendly menus at every restaurant and the thoughtful touches, like Josefine’s monogrammed pillow, made our stay extra special. Our room was also equipped with kid-friendly skincare products, a diaper pail, a bottle warmer, and even a tiny robe and slippers for Josefine.

Packing Less:

The resort offers a slew of baby and toddler products they’ll place in your room, for free! These include: a baby monitor, diaper pail, baby bath, baby skincare products, bottle warmer, extra fridge for breastmilk or formula, crib, and more.

Our Final Impression 

As our stay drew to a close, we reflected on the incredible memories we had made. Rosewood Mayakoba had seamlessly blended luxury with family-friendly amenities, creating an environment where both adults and children could truly relax and enjoy. Josefine’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she recounted her favorite moments: the turtles by our suite, biking around the property, and the countless dips in our private plunge pool. For my partner and me, the trip was a perfect balance of relaxation, adventure, and quality family and couple-only time.

Leaving the resort was bittersweet. As we got into the car for the drive to the airport, Josefine asked for her cold towel—a new luxury apparently, we’re going to have to offer her at home! The staff waved us off with warm smiles, and we promised ourselves we’d return.


  • Lindsay Tigar

    Lindsay Tigar is the co-founder of Mila & Jo Media, an award-winning journalist, two-time entrepreneur and mama to Josefine. She's also a parental leave certified executive coach. She's a frequent-flier, Peloton addict, and a coffee and champagne snob. Her friends are her family and her lifeline. Lindsay calls Asheville, NC home but spends much time in Denmark, her husband's home country.  Follow Lindsay on Instagram. and visit her website.

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